Business giving

Giving by businesses makes up a small part of all giving in New Zealand – just 3% according to our 2014 survey, Giving New Zealand 2014

However, while the amount of philanthropic giving by businesses is small compared to other types of donors, businesses also give in other ways. Giving New Zealand found that for every $1 they give in cash they give an estimated $1.43 in sponsorship and $3.27 in donated goods and services.

Why should businesses give?

Businesses that invest in their community:

  • build greater staff loyalty and engagement
  • build brand and customer loyalty
  • enhance their company reputation
  • strengthen their competitive edge while strengthening the community
  • have a great story to tell.

Antony Welton vodafone“Supporting the communities we live in is not only a good thing to do – it is good for business. It positively impacts on our community, our brand and our reputation and it builds staff engagement.”

– Antony Welton, Chair, Vodafone New Zealand Foundation

Business Giving Network

Philanthropy New Zealand facilitates a network for businesses who want to increase their own giving – and encourage other businesses to do the same. To find out more, call us on 04 499 4090 or email

Business giving via a donor-advised fund

The Gift Trust is a philanthropic trust that has a service for businesses to help them to manage their corporate giving programme. This provides an easy way for your company to make a difference in your community, without the administrative burden and high costs of operating your own charitable foundation.

Philanthropic advisory services

Philanthropy New Zealand offers a consultancy service for businesses who want help with their giving. Find out more.