Call for Philanthropy New Zealand Board Nominations

October 17, 2019

Due by noon, Friday 8 November 2019 to

At the Philanthropy NZ AGM on 5 December 2019 at least four PNZ Board Member positions will be open for election. Please consider if you, or someone you know, could contribute to the sector as a PNZ Board Member. Nomination is open for PNZ grantmaking, individual and honorary members, including representatives of organisational members.

PNZ Board Information

The PNZ rules allow for the Board to have up to nine members, some of which may be co-opted. Elected Board Members stand for 3-year terms, with a maximum term of 9 years, unless they hold office, in which case they are eligible to serve for up to 12 years. Most Board member positions are up for re-election this year.

The Board is responsible for the stewardship of PNZ resources, setting strategy, and monitoring the performance of the organisation and CE. The PNZ Board meets quarterly, usually for one day although a two-day meeting is planned in March 2020. Some Board members are also part of the Finance, Audit & Risk Committee (FAR&C), the Māori Advisory Committee (MAC) and the Youth Advisory Group (YAG). Board members are occasionally invited to represent PNZ at events.

PNZ covers the costs of Board member travel and accommodation, although some PNZ organisation members contribute to these costs if the Board member is one of their trustees or staff members.

Commitment to Māori and youth members

The PNZ Board wants to make sure that it reflects the philanthropic sector in Aotearoa New Zealand. At least two Board seats will be made available to Māori and at least one to youth. Nominations from these groups are especially welcome.

Current Board members

Chair – Ken Whitney, Chisholm Whitney Charitable Trust (1)

Deputy Chair and Chair of FA&RC – Terri Eggleton, BayTrust (1)

Chair of MAC – Rongo Kirkwood, Trust Waikato (2)

Annette Culpan, Individual Member (1)

Barry Baker, Grant Thornton (1)

Christina Howard, The Todd Foundation (3)

Murray Jones, Dove Charitable Trust

Co-opted member – Seumas Fantham, The Todd Foundation (1)

Co-opted member – Gemma Major, Individual member (1)

PNZ Board Nomination Form

1 Ken Whitney, Terri Eggleton, Annette Culpan, Barry Baker, Seumas Fantham and Gemma Major’s current terms on the Board are finishing, they are eligible to be nominated and stand for re-election
2 Rongo Kirkwood’s final term as a Board member is finishing
3 Christina Howard has resigned from The Todd Foundation, her current position on the PNZ Board will finish when she ceases to be employed there