Call for Philanthropy New Zealand Youth Advisory Group nominations

November 20, 2019

Due by noon, Wednesday 11 December 2019

We are looking for two – seven passionate young people under the age of 30 working in the philanthropy space to come join the Youth Advisory Group (YAG) with Philanthropy NZ. We currently have eight amazing young people in YAG who have given their energy and voice over the years. Out of those eight, four of them will be stepping back end of December 2019 to pursue other things which means we have space to welcome new people in!

Current Youth Advisory Group members

Gemma Major

Molly Allen

Michaela Latimer

Nicole Lin

Levi Walford – leaving end of Dec 2019

Kiran Patel – leaving end of Dec 2019

Tui Williams – leaving end of Dec 2019

Edward Krishna – leaving end of Dec 2019

The group are currently working on the following projects

  • 2 way mentoring programme to strengthen sector
  • Youth giving circles
  • The funding system and exploring other ways of doing it
  • Youth in philanthropy network

If you want to read more on YAG’s purpose, mission and expectations, it’s in their charter below. Additional to the charter, here are some things we wanted to also state:

  • Time is pro bono with travel costs covered by PNZ.
  • With the youth in philanthropy network, we foresee possibly 1-2 in person hui per year.
  • This term will go till August 2021 with option to review to do a second term or not.

If you want to apply, please send your CV to along with something supporting why you would like to join YAG. Feel free to express this in a way that best expresses you; a cover letter, poem, video, art etc.

For more information, read the Youth Advisory Group charter.