Governance and Investment, Wellington

Philanthropy NZ’s annual governance and investment training will be hosted in Wellington on 19th and 20th of September. This training will offer a high standard of professional development for philanthropic and grantmaking trustees in both introductory and advanced levels in governance and investment.  This unique opportunity offers both new and seasoned board members the chance to learn and network with their peers from a broad range of trusts. Register here.


Great Grantmaking

As a follow up to last year’s inaugural Great Grantmaking training for grantmaking staff, we will launch two webinars in late September.  The first will feature ongoing learning for those who attended the 2018 training.  The second will be an introductory webinar for those who have yet to attend the training, offering ten top tips to success in grantmaking.

We will be offering our full two-day programme, hosted in Wellington, with extended content for levels one and two in mid-2020.


Arts Funders’ Network

Philanthropy NZ’s Arts Funders’ network will next meet in September. This meeting will be hosted in two locations, with a video link between Auckland and Wellington.  More details to follow.


Network Symposium

To make our networks more accessible, this year we’ll use webinars to host our network meetings for our Network Symposium in October. Join our Environment, Family Philanthropy, Youth and Education Networks in a unique learning environment from your own desk –saving your travel time, costs and carbon credits! More details to follow.

Next year we will host the networks over two days in Auckland.

MARCH 2020

Both Sides of the Coin, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

Philanthropy NZ will host these interactive sessions on funder/recipient relationships, with a range of speakers to discuss the ins and outs of high trust engagement. In sessions created for both our funder and community members, we will discuss how to work together in an environment that is transparent and high trust. More details to follow.

2019/2020 events

Other events to be announced

We’ll also be listing further events over the coming months, but some need more thinking (like what we offer our members to support their understanding of Te Ao Māori and upholding Te Tiriti o Waitangi). More details soon.