Finalists: Vodafone – Innovation in Grantmaking Award


This Award showcases an individual or organisation that has successfully launched an innovative response to the challenges of being a great grantmaker.

The winner of this Award will be announced at the Philanthropy New Zealand Awards 2019 at the Direct Capital Cocktail and Award Party on 16 May 2019, to be held at Parliament.


The finalists for 2019 are:

Auckland Foundation – Women’s Fund

The Women’s Fund is a new concept in NZ, placing a gender lens on philanthropy and putting power and outcomes firmly in the hands of women. The Auckland Foundation Women’s Fund has served to fill a niche in NZ grantmaking and paved the way for others to follow. The Women’s Fund is a community of generous women who work together to create opportunities for women and girls.  

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They support projects that help and empower women to reach their full potential and achieve the best outcomes. They make it easy to donate to projects that target and directly influence the lives of women in the community. As a member of the fund, donors get to help decide which projects to fund and how best to make a difference.

 The Women’s Fund to date (March 2019) has generated 585 donations from 86 donors, enabling one round of awards so far, in which $20,000 was distributed to 10 recipients. The Women’s Fund has enabled grantmaking with a proud gender lens and has begun a movement in NZ.

Donations small and large, ongoing and one-time are all welcome and celebrated. Community foundations across the country are growing and strengthening through this addition to their giving options, since donor-led philanthropy is the cornerstone to community foundation growth and community impact. Additional benefits:

  • hosted a retreat day for award applicants including opportunities to network and learn from peers/experts in their field.
  • supported the creation of a new Women’s Fund in Waikato and inspired Women’s Fund development in Christchurch
  • developed Women’s Fund branding/ marketing materials and made available for all community foundations
  • created an active network of idea sharing and sharing and support for Women working in the grassroots of  service delivery


The Arts Foundation – Boosted 

Conceived by Simon Bowden in 2010 during a philanthropic research trip to the United States, Boosted was launched by the Arts Foundation in 2013 and is New Zealand’s only donation-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to arts and creative projects. Unique in New Zealand and rare in the world, donations to projects on Boosted are made to the Arts Foundation, who grants the funds raised to the project when the project reaches its target by the deadline. Donors get a 33% tax credit and projects do not have to offer rewards.

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When Simon conceived Boosted, most crowdfunding websites were rewards-based platforms. These sites oblige the project owner to provide rewards – usually different levels of reward in exchange for different sums of money from the backers. However, Boosted donors support donation-based crowdfunding because they are inspired to see the project happen.
Boosted is designed to make the arts community better at fundraising. The Boosted team facilitate workshops and seminars on how to inspire people to give to the arts, and provide tools, tutorials and campaign support to help grow long-term relationships with donors. Each Boosted project receives one-on-one coaching, if they want it. One of Boosted’s ambassadors will coach each project through an extensive planning and execution process. The ambassadors are art makers themselves, and have run their own crowdfunding campaign, so know the process first hand. Project support includes: mapping the project’s network, drafting a story to capture donors’ hearts and minds, creating a realistic fundraising goal, and developing a campaign strategy. Boosted provides a safe and easy place for donors to support the arts, with over 40,000 donations made, often from first time givers.
Since it was launched, Boosted has supported more than 600 successful art projects, and has raised over $5 million in total. In recent years, 85% of Boosted projects reached their funding target – that may be the highest crowdfunding success rate in the world.


The Todd Foundation

After 45 years of running open grant application rounds, the Todd Foundation has adopted a completely new funding strategy which focusses on supporting collective and system focussed solutions to create sustainable, long term social change. To promote co-ordination and collaboration, they have done away with competitive application rounds in favour of pro-actively seeking out communities, organisations and collectives to partner with. Todd Foundation’s new strategy follows so many of the good grantmaking philosophies – it is community-led, research-informed, flexible and long term.

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Coming out of their strategy review, the Foundation had a clear purpose—to resource communities to create sustainable, long-term change for children, young people and families. It will do this through three main funding streams:

  • Change: the largest funding stream which supports co-ordinated, community-led action for change in selected focus areas.
  • Collaboration: provides funding for collaborative alliances with other funders.
  • Capability: provides funding for key organisations to provide capability support to the community sector

One of many examples is the work Todd are doing in supporting youth employment in several parts of New Zealand. It is bearing significant fruit and has buy-in from community, businesses and local councils.



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