Helpful resources – COVID-19

March 13, 2020

We wanted to share some ideas and resources on what philanthropy can do to respond to COVID-19. You can also head to the Members Hub to discuss more on our COVID-19 forum.

Please share any helpful resources you have found with and we can add it to this page.




Just Transition: Investing in Climate-Neutrality while Safeguarding Social Inclusion

The European Green Deal is the Union’s new growth strategy for the next decade, aiming to create new businesses and jobs, and to trigger more investment. It is designed to build a European market which will allow Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

Policy Webinar: Covid-19 and the EU Response: How “SURE” will Europe Be?

This webinar we will explore the European Commission took for temporary support. We will deepen our understanding of the ”SURE” programme (”Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency) proposed by the European Commission as an instrument to ensure that workers receive an income and businesses keep their staff.

Response, Recovery, and Resilience Investment Coalition (R3 Coalition)

Impact investors’ webinar run by European Venture Philanthropy Association.

Virtual learning lunch: Grant-Seeking through COVID-19

Tuesday 19 May – 12:00 – 12:45

This webinar will take you through the essential steps to ensure continuity of your relationships with your current and prospective grant-making partners. While there has been postponement of some grant rounds, there are many funders who are still granting and are in fact providing greater flexibility with the way funds are used.

How philanthropy can respond

This webinar explores how philanthropy can respond and what the most likely needs will be at each stage of the pandemic.

COVID-19: Past Epidemics and Vulnerability – Lessons for Funders Today

Lessons learned from previous epidemics like Ebola, H1N1 and the HIV/AIDS crisis can help philanthropy respond effectively to COVID-19 and better protect vulnerable communities.

Looking to our new future: Funding systems change effectively

 Learn more about the messy, non-linear nature of systems change – and what it takes to fund it well.

Response, Recovery, Resiliency: What nonprofits need from grantmakers during the COVID-19 crisis

Join GEO and the Nonprofit Finance Fund for this webinar designed to help funders make sense of their role by understanding the different needs and opportunities in providing immediate response funding that enables organizations to survey and recovery funding that accelerates their path back.


How are EFC members mitigating the impact of COVID-19?

European Foundation Centre list of how their members are reacting to Covid-19

Foundations: Use your balance sheet to help

Mark Kramer, a very respected writer and lead at FSG has written a blog urging funders to quadruple their funding into the social sector during coronavirus.

Coronavirus 6 Steps for Grantmakers to take now to ensure nonprofits recover from coronavirus spread

Antony Bugg-Levine of Nonprofit Finance Fund has written a great article on how philanthropy can support nonprofits during this time.

All people are responsible for one another

Amplifier Giving partnered with Repair the World to produce this excellent one-pager on caring for each other in times of crisis.

Charities and misplaced stimulus

An opinion piece by CEO David Crosbie of Community Council for Australia.

Coronavirus, boom and bust election funding, and impending recession 

An article by The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.

Funders, this is the rainy day you have been saving up for

A blog from Nonprofit AF’s Vu Le.

Pandemic – A time to demonstrate philanthropy at its best. 

Krystian Seibert shares his reflections about what the COVID-19 pandemic means for the Australian charities sector and four things philanthropy needs to do.

Flexibility and freeedom of foundation funding can boost third sector during coronavirus crisis. 

An article from Alliance Magazine, Carola Carazzone says, “Let’s trust in the third sector to protect the most vulnerable.”

Why collaboration is essential if we are to successfully tackle COVID-19

COVID-19, represents an unprecedented health and economic challenge to our community in Australia, and our neighbours around the world. Written by Professor Brendan Crabb AC,  for Philanthropy Australia.

How should Philanthropy be thinking in response to COVID-19.

Sarah Davies, CEO of Philanthropy Australia says, “We are confronting a rare conjunction of circumstances that pose challenges for philanthropy – and we need to think about how we respond.”

Adapting to the New Coronavirus 

How the social sector and Stanford Social Innovation Review are responding now and preparing for what comes next.

Collaborative Giving

See this great article from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers on of collaborative giving.

Coronavirus heightens importance of being a transparent and flexible foundation

Nonprofits on the front lines of serving vulnerable communities and addressing new needs stemming from the magnitude of this public health and economic crisis will be tested in unexpected ways

Pandemics and Perpetuity

What if foundations were to open up their endowments entirely and put a time stamp on their payout? Joelle Cook writes for FSG.

Reflections on a crisis

A call for introspection, change and transformation for the global philanthropy and giving community by Benjamin Bellegy, WINGS Executive Director.

Key Legal Issues for Charities

Article setting out some of the key things Charities in NZ should be focussed on amidst these unprecedented times.

COVID-19: Key Legal Issues for Business

Article setting out some of the key things businesses in NZ should be focussed on.

Applying for the Government Wage Subsidy for COVID-19

A guide for employers on applying for the Government Wage Subsidy.

Data and tracking

Disaster Funding Map

Candid in partnership with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy has developed a global disaster funding map to track where the latest funding is going to respond to the outbreak.

Funding for coronavirus (COVID-19)

Candid has launched a webpage sharing data on which funders are supporting the response to coronavirus and where the funding is going.

Mental health resources

Covid-19 health advice for organisations has put together a resource page with mental health advice and updates for community NGO’s

Mental Health Foundation

Find tips and information on their website to help individuals and organisations look after our wellbeing, and the wellbeing of our whānau and community.

Blueprint for Learning

Learn about the framework, based on the Te Whare Tapa Whā model for working well from home. This framework looks at the four dimensions of wellbeing.

All Right?

Launched in February 2013 to support the psychosocial recovery of Cantabrians following the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, this new mental health kit to helps New Zealanders get on top of COVID-19.

Getting through together

The toolkit includes Wellbeing on the frontline – wellbeing tips for both managers and staff working through the pandemic


A wellbeing toolkit with activities for children.

Mentemia app 

Led by Sir John Kirwan, Mentemia is your positive partner to mental wellbeing. Get access to world leading, evidence based tools and techniques to be a more positive, resilient force at work and at home. Mentemia is an app that coaches mental wellbeing. Free to all New Zealanders.

The Useful Psychology – Dr Sarb Johal 

Specific NZ youtube channel about coping through COVID-19.

Resource pages

COVID-19 & Philanthropy

A massive resource European resource hub curated by DAFNE.

Resources to support professional learning from home

Consider this list of professional development opportunities, guidance, and resources that can help keep your work on track while you practice social distancing and work remotely. All are available online, many at no cost.

Pivoting to remote Work — COVID-19 response course track for nonprofits

To continue serving your community during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may find the need to quickly transition to remote work. To help you, TechSoup created a free track of courses to provide information and tools as you make this transition.

Dealing with Covid-19 as a Community Foundation

Community Foundations of NZ has a page of resources you may find helpful.

Covid-19 nonprofit & philanthropy resources

A comprehensive document that is collated and updated by a group of civil society leaders.

Alliance Magazine’s Coronavirus tag 

A collation of all posts related to COVID-19 on their website.

Help for nonprofits during the coronavirus and uncertain economic times

The following stories from the Chronicle of Philanthropy can help your nonprofit plan and prepare for the impact of the coronavirus on your workers and volunteers — and your finances.

Moceanic – Free and useful resources 

Whether your organisation is on the frontlines dealing with the crisis or not, this site will help you navigate the crisis and minimise the impact on your fundraising.

WINGS resources in response to COVID-19

Worldwide Initiatives for Grant Maker Support (WINGS)has created a page where you can find links to information and resources on how our WINGS members and partners are responding to the crisis.


Coronoavirus Mitigation Track

It is very likely that most of us will have to work from home in the very near future due to the coronavirus outbreak. So here’s a list of products you can use to maintain collaboration and work remotely with your team.


Statement on COVID-19

The Essex Community Foundation has released a statement on their commitment to the community, services and organisations who receive grant funding from them.

A note from home

A  moving and wonderful statement from Ford Foundation’s President Darren Walker on where philanthropy fits in the COVID-19 puzzle.

Cheat sheets: 

What Philanthropy Can Do Today to Support Grantees Through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis. 

Here are three concrete steps you can take to ensure that your grantees can deliver on their missions both now and in the future: recommit, be flexible, and focus on the most vulnerable.


Shamubeel Eaqub on the impact of COVID-19 and foundations for the future

Shamubeel is one of New Zealand’s leading economists so this interview provides a fascinating insight into COVID-19 from an economic impact perspective.

NZ Charity Sector Response to Covid-19

Hear from:

  • Mark Prain (Founding Director of Hillary Institute of International Leadership) with a comment on where we are at
  • Sarah Doherty (Doherty Solutions and Co-Chair of Charities Sector Group) with sector perspective
  • Andrew Phillips (Engagement Manager at Charities Services) with their perspective and what they would like to know from us
  • Sue McCabe (CEO of Philanthropy NZ) on funders views and other thoughts​.