Philanthropy New Zealand is developing a new service to help both those seeking and distributing philanthropic funding in New Zealand is underway.

The vision of Match is a more accessible, collaborative and equitable funding system in Aotearoa. It aims to more efficiently and effectively connect the demand for and supply of philanthropic funding.

What is Match?


  • Post funding requests to get in front of multiple funders with one action
  • Get specialised outreach to community groups who are currently underserved by philanthropy


  • Can choose to be alerted to new funding opportunities, for example if funders have an interest in a particular type of work or activity in a location they will be alerted
  • Connect with each other on the platform, creating new opportunities for collaboration and co-funding possibilities
  • Search to find a charity/ies delivering the service you want to support

Philanthropy New Zealand would like to thank the many supporters of Match to date. These include the community groups, funders, and advisors to philanthropists that have influenced the development of the concept. We’d like to acknowledge Christina Howard and Neil O’Styke for evolving Match from being an idea to the development stage.

We’d like to thank financial supporters.

The project kicked off with a small grant from the J R McKenzie Trust in early 2020.

The following funders provided money to enable PNZ to test support for the concept late last year: the Hugh Green Foundation; D V Bryant Trust; Auckland Foundation; Clare; J R McKenzie Trust; Wilberforce Foundation; NEXT Foundation; Williams’ Charitable Trusts.

Thank you to the organisations providing seed funding to support the establishment and scale up of Match over its first three years are:

Premier funders: The Working Together More Fund (Members are: the J R McKenzie Trust; Todd Foundation; the Tindall Foundation: Hugh Green Foundation: D V Bryant Trust; Len Reynolds Trust; Lindsay Foundation and the Wayne Francis Charitable Trust).

Hero funders: The Department of Internal Affairs; J R McKenzie Trust, Todd Foundation.

Supporting funders: Sutherland Trust; Ministry for the Environment; Fletcher Trust; Auckland Foundation, Namaste Foundation; Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation; Jenny Sutton from Greenlight Ventures NZ.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop about the development of Match email You’ll receive periodic emails as the service progresses towards launch in 2022!

More details are in this Match media release and Match background document.