Monthly member spotlight – Trust Waikato

August 5, 2021

At the inaugural PNZ monthly member spotlight we had the pleasure of hearing the Trust Waikato team chat about their recent initiatives.

Here are some key takeaways: 

On their equity policy:

“Using a combination of data tools and listening and talking to the community enables Trust Waikato to get a more accurate idea of community need.” Tarita Templeton.

On their Climate Change policy:

“First and foremost we are seeking to understand ourselves and we split this into three categories – operations, grantmaking and our investment portfolio.”

“Each community organisation will complete a form which will show the organisation’s emissions and then share this with the Trust. An example of how Trust Waikato can work in this space is if a community organisation’s full operational cost are $100,000 and Trust Waikato is granting $10,000 then we can attribute 10% of their emissions to us and we can either off set this or reduce this.” Molly Allen.

On incorporating Te tiriti

“Sit down with organisations and understand and develop their theory of change” Rongo Kirkwood

“When funders are thinking about starting a relationship with mana whenua it’s important to ask them what their strategy is – not them asking you as a funder. It’s about the community telling you what they want to do not the other way around.” Dennis Turton

On impact measurement:

“We very much listen to the community and want to amplify and reflect the community need and community response to the issues they face.” Dennis Turton.

If you are a PNZ funder member you watch the recording here. If you are a community member please email to get the link to the recording.