Our strategic priorities

What’s important about impact? The power of philanthropy!

By focussing on impact, we uphold the power of philanthropy to improve lives, build communities, and transform environments. We signal Philanthropy New Zealand’s commitment to serve, grow, and facilitate strategic, effective philanthropy and grantmaking, and impact investment that helps further unlock the power of the sector’s collective funds.

Value proposition: the power of collaboration

Our success will rely on inspiring members to join the movement towards greater social impact and to collaborate on issues and projects that can only be advanced by working together.

Change: the power of the new

Dramatic changes to the nature of charity and the way social good is resourced are driving new models and opportunities. Impact investing, social enterprise, venture philanthropy, and donor advised funds like community foundations, are all now part of the philanthropic and grant making sector in New Zealand. Philanthropy NZ will work with members to ensure that we can all make the most of these opportunities. We will also support members meeting new challenges like calls for greater transparency; participatory philanthropy; and responding to the power of indigenous knowledge and solutions.

Strategic Focus to 30 June 2019

Philanthropy New Zealand’s strategic focus will guide our activities to 2019 and help us achieve our vision of a thoughtfully generous Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Telling stories of positive impact
Stories of successful philanthropy and grantmaking shared with the sector help build strength and innovation. Stories shared with the community inspire more philanthropy and create a supportive environment for existing giving

Members at the heart
All PNZ strategy and delivery is based on a clear understanding of what our philanthropic and grantmaking members value, need and want.

Professional Services & Events
Add value to members and the sector by providing
• professional development
• consultancy
• best practice exemplars & tools
• networks, communities of practice, events

Strengthening the Sector
Delivering projects that create a supportive environment for philanthropy and grantmaking. Advance the issues and opportunities where the sector needs to work together to get results.