Philanthropy New Zealand Major Event Guidance Resource – coming soon

August 23, 2019

Philanthropy New Zealand is developing a resource to support philanthropic organisations to prepare for, respond to and help communities recover from major events.

After the terror attack of March 15th, PNZ has begun research into best practice for funders both before, immediately after and also considering the long term response after a major event.  We will be examining both local and international sources for this document and we invite you to join the conversation. If you wish to do so please contact Yvonne (

In 2013, the Todd Foundation published a review of its Earthquake Recovery Fund which analysed the effectiveness of funding into post-quake Christchurch.  This report recommended Philanthropy New Zealand develop a strategy to assist funders in their preparedness for major events.

This resource will be available by the start of November. Department of Internal Affairs funding is supporting the production of this resource.