A sadder, more insightful country

March 22, 2019

Aotearoa pre March 15 seems an eternity ago. What a difference seven days can make.

It feels like we’re a sadder country, a hurting people. We’re ashamed of what happened and, at the same time, proud of our immediate response.

In just seven days we’ve started to become more insightful about a shameful side of Aotearoa. Our racism and intolerance of difference. More of us are owning it – at an individual, community, institutional and societal level.

We’re asking what else we can do. And just as importantly, how can we learn – so we become a more inclusive society.

But on this national day of mourning, I wanted to share that when Philanthropy New Zealand and our members observe the two-minute silence, our global philanthropic community stands with us.

Over the past seven days we’ve had numerous funding organisations in other countries extend their sorrow for New Zealand through us.

Sadly, many of our overseas counterparts have had to have experience in how philanthropy can support peace-building after terrorist events.

New Zealand’s philanthropic community, which has always funded programmes to reduce discrimination and support community building, is connecting and thinking how we can make more of a difference in contributing to and enabling a more harmonious New Zealand.

In this we are not alone, the world is with us.

We’d like to express our gratitude to our overseas friends, including the Texas Women’s Foundation; Embrey Family Foundation; Asia Foundation; Funds4Disaster; EDGE Funders; NCRP Community; The Ford Family Foundation; Council on Foundations; City for Orlanda; Our Fund; Philanthropy Australia.

By Sue McCabe, Chief Executive