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August 1, 2019

The Cop, Mel Gibson and the Girl from Tokoroa

They say you can’t keep a good woman down and that’s certainly proving the case in New Zealand’s philanthropic sector. Today I have three tales to tell you, about three remarkable women (no, not Charlie’s Angels, though there are similarities!). Many of you will know one or all of these women from Philanthropy NZ events past but all three of them are transforming (and no, they’re not ‘robots in disguise’ either… though actually…) to new roles all in the name of making our country a better place.

First up is Gertrud.  Many of you will know Gertrud Kikajon from Internet NZ.  She has played a strong role among our Wellington funders and our Philanthropy NZ Youth Advisory Group.  Well, fixing the world from a desk is no longer good enough for this young go-getter!  Gertrud is off to the Police College.  I should point out that I have asked if she could try to avoid arresting Philanthropy NZ members as a member benefit but I don’t really have her pinned down on that just yet.  Fingers crossed!

Now, the thing about Mel Gibson is that her name has been known to cause just a little confusion.  Just to clarify, you’re more likely to find her in the offices of the Len Reynolds Trust in the Waikato than fighting for Scotland, but she’s changing lives every day just the same!  Just with fewer kilts.

Mel has been Chair of the Trust for several years but has this week announced her new role as Trust CEO!

“They may take our grants but they’ll never take our freedom!!!” – (slight misquote). 

Again on the banks of the wonderful Waikato River, we’re preparing to bid our beloved Lindsay Cumberpatch farewell in his role as CEO of the DV Bryant Trust but we’re blotting our tears with the notification that his replacement will be none other than the superb Raewyn Kirkman!  We were fortunate enough to work with Raewyn, an avid Rotarian, in her time with Momentum Waikato Community Foundation and we were delighted to hear of her appointment. Raised in Tokoroa, Raewyn spends an incredible amount of her time on boards and behind desks of organisations that make New Zealand great again… umm… (note to self: change that bit).

Congratulations to our very own philanthropic version of Charlies’ Angels

Written by Yvonne Trask, Relationships and Events Manager Philanthropy New Zealand.