From the CE: Three highlights from the sector meetings

August 24, 2017

Tony Paine
Last week was our sector’s quarterly meeting with government. We took the next steps in building positive relationships. It’s a critical connection. If we get it right, government and philanthropy can amplify and enhance each other’s contribution to community and environment.
Philanthropy New Zealand invited representatives from a wide range of our members who met with government officials from across the social sector ministries. We also made time before we joined officials to progress other issues that philanthropy and grantmaking need to address collectively.


  1. Sustaining philanthropy’s pilots

Many of us share a vision of philanthropy and grantmaking as a catalyst for social sector innovation and success. While our support can bring pilot projects and new ideas to life, sustaining success requires different approaches. This includes getting successful philanthropy supported pilots/projects to scale, replication, and sustainability through government co-funding or contracting long-term. There is a need to create more approaches like The Tomorrow Accord—where NEXT Foundation has galvanised a commitment from government to fund long-term the environmental gains created by NEXT’s up-front investments.

  1. Knowing ourselves

We are a small sector where sharing information in ways that add value should be relatively easy! We talked about how information about the size and shape of philanthropics and grantmakers, our strategies, priorities and approaches would be useful for us all. Access to this sort of information helps benchmarking, organisational design, identify opportunities for collaboration and co-funding, redirect unsuccessful applicants, and simply avoiding re-inventing the wheel. PNZ is doing some work on the ways we might help this process—especially using platforms we could host on our website.

  1. Briefing for incoming ministers

Regardless of what happens on election day there will be new ministers our sector will need to work with. PNZ will prepare briefings for the key incoming ministers about PNZ and our sector. If you have suggestions for advocacy positions we could highlight. I’d be keen to talk with you. A review of the Charities Act is one example.

Below is the group PNZ has invited to be part of the quarterly meeting with government officials, and to further other sector issues. If you’d like to be part of this, don’t hesitate to contact

Quarterly meeting invitees includes:
Andrew Barnes Perpetual Guardian
Barbara Bridger Otago Community Trust
Bill Kermode NEXT Foundation
Christina Howard Todd Foundation
Christopher Milne Nikau Foundation, Community Foundations NZ
Denis Turton Trust Waikato
Donna Matahaere-Atariki Ngai Tahu
Jenn Chowaniec Wayne Francis Trust
Jennifer Walsh Ngai Tahu
Jennifer Gill Foundation North
John McCarthy Tindall Foundation
Kate Frykberg Think Tank
Lani Evans Vodafone Foundation
Lindsay Cumberpatch Bryant Trust
Louise Edwards Rata Foundation
Lynne Le Gros Spark Foundation
Maria Ramsay TSB Community Trust
Raewyn Jones Wel Energy Trust
Robyn Scott JR McKenzie Trust