Tips for supporting our Muslim community

We’ve been getting wonderful support from our overseas philanthropic community since March 15’s terrorist attack. Carol Mack from the Association of Charitable Foundations let us know about a series of tweets from her Board Member Forzia Ifhan, offering suggestions about what our Muslim colleagues, neighbours and friends may need from us right now.


  • “Don’t be hesitant in speaking to us, this is not the time for reticence. We need to hear your empathy and support individually as much as collectively.”
  • “Recognise that distance does not lessen the impact. Although the attack took place miles away, this atrocity feels very personal – as if it happened in our neighbourhood to our own families and children. We are a community in grief.”
  • “We are scared, we fear the future for our children who are growing up in an atmosphere where casual Islamophobic remarks are tolerated at dinner parties and rampant Islamophobia is the norm in the media.”
  • “We are in a state of shock but not shocked that this happened.  We have been trying to get people to take this threat seriously for years so don’t underestimate how frustrated and angry we feel.”
  • “Give us the space and time to grieve- if we seem distant, disconnected and unfocused, it’s because we have flashbacks to news pictures in our heads and constant anxiety about the safety of our children and families.”
  • “Tell us we belong – that our place is here and that you will be our steadfast friends through our troubles. It’s important for us to hear you say it and it can mean the difference between despair and hope.”