Webinar: International Indigenous Health Collaborative

An intentional strategy bringing together the best minds in key areas of Indigenous health to accelerate Indigenous health gains and reduces inequities.

Friday 27 April , 2018, 10 – 11am New Zealand Time | Free

About the webinar:
The shared histories and experiences of colonisation of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands have created lasting legacies of historical trauma, intergenerational grief, and stark health and social inequities. These indigenous groups, although thousands of miles apart, colonized by different peoples, and operating under different health systems all exhibit similar poor health outcomes and gaps.

Indigenous sovereignty can be a key factor in facilitating more efficient means of communication and sharing best practices amongst Indigenous peoples with similar social, political and cultural conditions. This webinar will introduce the International Indigenous Health Collaborative, a new effort aiming to accelerate Indigenous health gains and eliminate health inequities for Indigenous Peoples. Through the creation of a formal and collaborative space, the group will foster the active and real-time sharing of knowledge and innovative and best practices on Indigenous health, and create a funnel of information that can be used to bolster health systems, improve social determinants driving disparities, and reverse health inequities.

This webinar will speak to the burgeoning efforts to bring security and stability to this vision of international collaboration.

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Email for more info:  Ashley Hernandez ashley@internationalfunders.org

• Stacy A. Bohlen (Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians), Chief Executive Officer of the National Indian Health Board, United States
• Riki Nia Nia (Māori), General Manager of Māori Health for Auckland and Waitemata District Health Boards, New Zealand

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