Young people in Philanthropy

October 17, 2019


In July, Philanthropy New Zealand’s Youth Advisory Group (YAG) hosted a gathering for young people working in Philanthropy at Trust Waikato in Hamilton. It was a space to connect with each other, talk about the pains of being a young person in this field and how we could turn these pains into opportunities. Around 25 young people from around the motu turned up which was an awesome turn out!

Below is a quick summary of what was discussed:

  • A two-way mentoring programme where young people can up skill, but also share their thinking and skills with their mentor
  • Establishing regular young people in philanthropy get-togethers
  • How to support youth giving circles
  • Looking at how to change the philanthropic system through ‘flipping the model’. Suggestions for how to do this included having a grant advisor role and establishing a two-way platform that connects fund seekers and funders.
  • Setting up a group slack page for everyone to remain connected and to host working groups for the projects above
  • Good old hang out with amazing young people!

Since that gathering, work has been going on behind the scenes. Below is what has progressed so far:

  • The Slack group has been set up
  • We have developed a Youth Advisory Group charter which is being finalised
  • Draft mentoring pilot designed with hope to roll out this side of the year. WATCH this space for more on how to get involved.
  • Youth Advisory Group members inputted into Philanthropy New Zealand’s recent strategy day. They discussed ‘flipping the model’ which will be considered as part of the strategy’s finalisation. Philanthropy New Zealand is currently consulting membership on its strategy, if you’ve got some time please fill out this survey.

What are our next steps?

Well as you can imagine, there are quite a few. But progressing with the above and finding paths for people to get involved is the plan! If you are a young person and want to get involved, are someone who would like to support these project ideas above, especially the mentoring programme please contact us via

Written by Dayna Carter