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From the CE: Generosity to support women and girls

March 15, 2018

Research suggests that less than 10% of philanthropic and grantmaking funding goes to programmes specifically targeting women and girls. That’s not good enough in a country like New Zealand where sexual and gender-based violence is… Read more »

Installation view of Tiffany Singh's Fly Me Up to Where You Are, 2016 New Zealand Festival.

The real value of art

February 27, 2018

Building stronger communities and improving well-being through arts funding. You won’t find many in the philanthropy and not-for-profit sector who would disagree that art and creativity are fundamental in building a healthier society. In fact,… Read more »

‘Running on the hum of a Tesla battery’

February 15, 2018

As someone who is involved in running a very small organisation like Philanthropy New Zealand I’ve been thinking lately about the challenges of delivering an organisation’s mission with very limited resources—the economies of scale are… Read more »


Upcoming events


Art Funders’ convening, Wellington

At the request of our members, Philanthropy New Zealand will be convening the arts funders of New Zealand to gauge the needs of the sector and look at ways in which PNZ can best support… Read more »

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Webinar: International Indigenous Health Collaborative

An intentional strategy bringing together the best minds in key areas of Indigenous health to accelerate Indigenous health gains and reduces inequities.            

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Network Symposium

Philanthropy New Zealand convenes networks for a range of funders, working alongside the groups as they learn, share and collaborate together within their grantmaking mission. In 2018, we are trialling a Network Symposium, gathering four… Read more »

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